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Balsamico Al Tartufo 12 Year


12 Year infused with white truffles. This Condimento Balsamico, aged through a batteria of a minimum 12 travasi infused for 15 days with precious white truffles from Alba. Unusual, untraditional and very unorthodox, this Balsamico al Tartufo delivers the purest scents of truffles wrapped in the complex sweetness of an excellent Condimento Balsamico. Steaks and other grilled meats beautifully release the aroma of truffles, as does a simple baked potato. Drizzle over prosciutto, pate of any type, or over a simple risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano. Weight in Grams: 480 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $200. Product of Italy.

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