Featured Ceramiche- Gialletti Giulio

Tesori Imports is thrilled to offer a selection of Gialletti Giulio ceramics, a third-generation Ceramiche working in the Renassaince tradition of majolica ceramics since 1959. Located in Deruta, Italy, the Ceramiche Artistiche Gialletti Giulio was founded by Giulio and his father, Virgilio, and is currently owned and operated by Giulio's sons Antonio and Carlo. The sons hope to someday pass on the business to their own children, continuing the Ceramiche's legacy. Check out our unique selection of Gialletti Giulio ceramic pieces here!


What makes Gialletti Giulio's ceramics so exceptional is the amount of work that goes into each piece before the clay even reaches the table. This is because the artists at Gialletti are focused on reviving the traditional ceramic designs that became popular during the Renaissance. This influence can be seen in many different places in the art, such as the color choices of rich yellow, ruby red, and olive greens. The work is filled with traditional representations of foliage, and delicate motifs are combined with popular modern designs such as fruits.

Not only does Ceramiche Gialetti Giulio create luxurious and breath-taking works of ceramic art, but many of the pieces can also be part of the function of your home as well as design. For example, if you're looking for a working piece of art for your kitchen, consider a spoon rest such as this one.

With its luscious curved design and golden yellows, the piece has exquisite details from the Renaissance's influence. Bringing in a modern touch is a pomegranate as the central feature, with lush foliage decorating the spoon holder's remaining sections. The ripe pomegranate features rich red-orange brushstrokes with yellow-green highlights, surrounded by dancing foliage. The foliage continues down the spoon rests' handle, making the piece feel like it's coming to life in your kitchen.